High School Didn't Matter At All
Dating Shows
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Online Dating
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Horror in Video Games
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Жыл мурун
Illegally Downloading Music
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Disney Channel Original Movies
2 жыл мурун
Rockstar's Game Design is Outdated
Scholastic Book Fairs
2 жыл мурун
Flash Games Mattered
2 жыл мурун
Crappy Voice Acting
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Crappy Water Levels
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Dads in Video Games
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When BioShock Was My Only Friend
Moms in Video Games
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The Art of Video Game Commercials
The Power of Video Game Cheats
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youtube vlog
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Asking People Out
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Crappy User Interfaces
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Valve Has Changed
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The Beauty of Watching Video Games
Mario Kart - A Game for Everyone
Dark Souls Saved Me
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Clothing in Video Games
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prod. MORPHINE 3 саат мурун
i had a big bucket of handmedown legos that actually had legos from the first.commercial set. there HAD to have been about a million leg hoes
Michael Sarazin
Michael Sarazin 4 саат мурун
Mans revealed he likes ff9 nice
OBama 4 саат мурун
Niggas typing “I miss u man” like he died a tragic death or something
Kimburlee 4 саат мурун
Okay, but anyone else part of the BearShare crew?
¡NiCK! 6 саат мурун
whys everyone talking bout “i miss you.” what’s going on?
Uriah 6 саат мурун
Im disappointed that all of the shirts are offline :(
t !!
t !! 6 саат мурун
i miss you man
Tolga K
Tolga K 7 саат мурун
I played it back when i was a kid
Johnnyc56 7 саат мурун
Thanks for the heartwarming lesson nakey.
Epsilon 8 саат мурун
In 2019 this piece of shit year That aged well
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 10 саат мурун
its gotten to the point where i'm just re-watching all your videos over and over again. we miss you, please come back
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 10 саат мурун
I don't know why you've been gone but i understand that we all need some time to ourselves, so take your time.
Danner 10 саат мурун
The only solace I have from Highschool is that the people I predicted would be failures became failures, myself included.
Mr. Everwind
Mr. Everwind 10 саат мурун
I fucking hate slow emo garbage But there's something so fucking atmospheric and I don't know why, someone help?
Steel 12 саат мурун
JustFootageJohn 13 саат мурун
This came out at the end of my freshman year and I plan to return to it at the end of each year to remind myself how everything I care about really doesn’t matter.
Ethan Hennebery
Ethan Hennebery 13 саат мурун
Definitely one of your better video
Dee Veerasamy
Dee Veerasamy 14 саат мурун
Almost a year Jake. We miss you man
joni queshi
joni queshi 15 саат мурун
He readit the video?
xpirate16 16 саат мурун
Dark Souls inspired me so much that I got a Darksign tattoo. It serves as a reminder that, despite knowing that one day I will inevitably go hollow, as long as I persevere over my failures I will make it through whatever challenges may come. (Luckily I get to keep my experience and level up though :D)
JJ Livingston
JJ Livingston 16 саат мурун
I fucking miss you bro
Mint 16 саат мурун
1:26 WHAT IS THIS SONG? I've heard it before I swear, but I don't know the name. I could've swore this was from the movie.
Red Like Roses 7
Red Like Roses 7 17 саат мурун
What were you going to say jakey huh what were you going to say about girls with vests. WHAT WERE YOU GOING TO SAY
manat31790 17 саат мурун
How long is it going to take for internet critics to understand and accept that FFX's laughing scene is *intentionally bad?*
Subhojit Dey
Subhojit Dey 17 саат мурун
dude made the video a month before breath of the wild lol.. good thing maybe
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz 17 саат мурун
where are you Jakey its been a while i miss you T.T
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 18 саат мурун
f1eur boy
f1eur boy 20 саат мурун
The fact that he keeps making fun of his friend for “going camping” is so funny
TheUrbanJedi 21 саат мурун
I'm so glad that DDR is continuing to this day, I just wish the new music was better. It all sounds very samey.
Ferenc Cseh
Ferenc Cseh 21 саат мурун
I'm a (indie) game developer. But I suck at music. ;-;
Joe Joe binks
Joe Joe binks Күн мурун
Praise the sun
yourpersonalspammer Күн мурун
more jakey more jakey more jakey more jakey more jakey
JhongYT Күн мурун
Mozart has been real quiet since this dropped.
Red assassin Gaming444
Red assassin Gaming444 20 саат мурун
who is mozart tho
Red assassin Gaming444
Red assassin Gaming444 20 саат мурун
PokkyRocky Күн мурун
I miss your uploads, man..
bruno grubb
bruno grubb Күн мурун
videogame loading screens i want to bang heh
cone Күн мурун
Jacob where have you gone
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Күн мурун
You are whole ass universe my friend....dogass 💓
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Күн мурун
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Күн мурун
MY GUY HERE!!! HE IS DESCRIBING ME!!!! HE IS DESCRIBING ME in the most beautiful and most accurate way and I cannot express that enough
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Күн мурун
I'm a hot boy for life dude. 🤘🖤
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Күн мурун
Jackey is just irresplacable soul at this point yo. It's not every day I find someone who is intelligent and charismatic as this fellow here. 🤘🤘🖤
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams Күн мурун
Hey jake... I know you havent been back in a fat bit... but I just wanted to let you know that if you never come back, that's perfectly okay, you've inspired me to take countless leaps throughout my life and I just wanted to let you know you are the reason I decided to start my youtube channel! The amount of positive energy you eminate from the beautiful soul that you have is so great and I hope you carry these 3 words with you and remember this no matter where you are or how old you grow! You are beautiful... no homo...
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Күн мурун
Dylan Illi
Dylan Illi Күн мурун
Hey NakedJaked, it’s time to come back. We miss you, buddy ol pal o junior o yoga ball master
Trevor From the Spanish Inquisition
Trevor From the Spanish Inquisition Күн мурун
Uplay fucking sucks I bought watch dogs 2 twice and it still doesn’t work
AHMH Күн мурун
So many Evanescence songs in this video.
:D리온 Күн мурун
I miss you bud
Colton Stertz
Colton Stertz Күн мурун
I love your videos and miss you
nekhz.X sekai
nekhz.X sekai Күн мурун
What about twilight Princess?
Gian C.
Gian C. Күн мурун
Dog bless this man
Frost Fever
Frost Fever Күн мурун
Nope, LoU2 was complete and utter horsedooker the very moment they decided to shove real world politics into it for 1% of the population that uses twitter and sellout reviewers to drool over. Edit: LOL Well I have a pretty good idea why the glass breaking physics are so good in the game, judging by who the game was made for.
Masterdesattardes Күн мурун
People who shove jar glasses down their asses?
Movie Games
Movie Games Күн мурун
They need to add more to survival and release it as a free standalone thing (supported by cosmetic purchases).
KangarooCommado Күн мурун
If I ever become a teacher I’m showing this video to my class on the last few weeks of school
Katrina Scarlet
Katrina Scarlet Күн мурун
Red Lantern on the switch is about dogs. Nice cozy game where you get to know dogs and their quirks
Florin Күн мурун
Most overrated experience. Yet most of my 30yo friends are still stuck glamorizing those days and getting drunk like a dumbass
TheKingOfDale Күн мурун
missin nakedjaked rn
PH4T JOKER Күн мурун
My man come back when the asshole hair gamer itch comes to ya . We will wait homie .
CrispySlimyFetus Күн мурун
why is scarcrow so skinny? Get thiis man some mcdobbles
Lauren Lynn
Lauren Lynn Күн мурун
But are you a g10 tho ;)
Gman 98
Gman 98 Күн мурун
About 12 years ago I tried to download the Paraka rap song from the Bionicle commercials off of Limewire, but all I got were a row of files named “Wash your balls remix”. I had to make do and record a video on my MP3 player.
Javier Macias
Javier Macias Күн мурун
Part 2 isn't trash but it isn't the masterpiece that part 1 was, it's great, not trash but not perfect either.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Күн мурун
This video gave me the will to play ranked in rainbow six
GonGonDayo Күн мурун
Trash Taste just send me here!!
ProcessingGhostBuster Күн мурун
The pals and I getting that McChicken shit 3:36
Secret Channel
Secret Channel Күн мурун
Fuck Jedi fallen order. All my homies like force unleashed 2
Lumina Күн мурун
So ready for a new video my man!
Secret Channel
Secret Channel Күн мурун
I’m watching this after getting dumped. My Ex was never even nice to me, but I still feel bad...thanks for being here for me, Jakey
Chad Cordell
Chad Cordell Күн мурун
I thought it was "south dakota SATELITE". Like your orbiting south Dakota trying to leave but not ever really leaving.
Juicy Polar Bear
Juicy Polar Bear Күн мурун
1:16 Changed now
Bred Among Us
Bred Among Us Күн мурун
This is the most inspirational video ever. I’m asking my crush out tomorrow. I won’t be ruined if she breaks my heart. This video taught me how to not be too sad
Romil Күн мурун
18:20 Everybody talks about Buckley but nobody mentions Gustavo, the composer of both games' soundtracks, chilling in the background playing banjo
Nutritional Gaming
Nutritional Gaming Күн мурун
I doubt you'll see this, Jakey, but all I could think about while listening to Bo Burnham's new song "All Eyes On Me" was: "this sounds just like a NakeyJakey song both in terms of production and emotion." Hope you're well, dude.
Yuk21sel Күн мурун
Please upload
Subhojit Dey
Subhojit Dey Күн мурун
i think the experiences felt unique back then because we had less internet and games were still a newer concept and we were kids too so
Frosty Cane
Frosty Cane 3 саат мурун
Yeah I agree
Sensu Dubs
Sensu Dubs Күн мурун
10k was only 5 years ago, and now you're at almost 2 million! Great work Jakey
J. Tease
J. Tease Күн мурун
Why did you stop making content?
Kevin Cannell
Kevin Cannell Күн мурун
I appreciate the spoiler warning 👌🏻
Charmicarmi Cat
Charmicarmi Cat Күн мурун
The one where Jake the Snake plays every single KGglobal gamer to ever exist ever.
John Doughnut
John Doughnut Күн мурун
When the video has potential, but an unfunny guy tries real hard to be funny....
KujoDude 2 күн мурун
Hey Jakester, hope everything's going alright. I'm a lil bit worried, seeing how you've just dropped off the face of the planet. I hope whatever it is you're doing is, whether it be music, videos, or personal stuff, that you're doing as good as a gamerboy should. We love you, man