Crappy Water Levels

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uh oh guys I think mom got ticked again

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NakeyJakey 2 жыл мурун
btw if any of you like my shirt, a very good friend of mine made a bunch of cool ass designs over here: (this is not an ad I'm just very supportive of my friends alright jeez I love you too) also if you want a shout-out in the future you can find my gamer girls here: xoxo - gossip girl
undeadocarinagamer .s
undeadocarinagamer .s 7 ай мурун
AVGN did a review on Ecco The Dolphin recently the way he reviews games, with a good amount of jokes. Or Gripes he had as his character.
Drqgonfire 11 ай мурун
i love your shirt nakey jakey!!! its super epic oh jeez oh man oh gorsh
Jenkins Жыл мурун
Mary Junkin
Mary Junkin Жыл мурун
Hey! I'm from Jukin Media, a LA-based media company. We saw your video and we'd love to share it with our 190 million fans & potentially license it to our 600+ Clients! Send me a message for more info!
Ryse of the Gamers
Ryse of the Gamers Жыл мурун
NakeyJakey if you ever read this message , can you please tell me what song is that at minute 6 when you talk about the percentage . That awoke some nostalgic feels , So I know it’s something I played , and I want to say I narrowed that down to either kingdom hearts , or one of the first final fantasy, but I’m not sure , and I can’t search better.
Huda Kazmi
Huda Kazmi 5 күн мурун
1:24 wait a second is it aria( final fantasy 3) theme
HotPaws Maths and Science
HotPaws Maths and Science 6 күн мурун
> Why isn't it that water levels are 90% of the game and land levels are 10% X-COM: Terror from the Deep is exactly like that and land levels sucks ass in there
LevoNKe 12 күн мурун
Dude, shadow of the colossus is my favorite game of all time.
HighsWind 16 күн мурун
Water level... more like bore(ter) level 😂 am I right
Logie 19 күн мурун
Atlantica sucks
CME 19 күн мурун
5:58 subnautica be like
Dylan Hopkins
Dylan Hopkins 20 күн мурун
Noah D
Noah D 20 күн мурун
water levels are the worst
Astronauta de Jakku
Astronauta de Jakku 20 күн мурун
As a big fan I appreciate you mentioned kotor but now I'm having flashbacks.
Thomas 21 күн мурун
Little big planet made water levels fun.
cheese 21 күн мурун
0:56 the HHH music makes that bit 100 times funnier than it should be
Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan Fitzgerald 21 күн мурун
I couldnt get passed the whale or little mermaid level in kingdom hearts because when I would trigger the cut scene the game would crash
History Forgotten00
History Forgotten00 22 күн мурун
Why the fuck did Star Fox 64 have to have a water level where Slippy doesn’t shut the fuck us about pollution.
JOHNROCKS911 22 күн мурун
Enter: Subnautica
Glue_Manchu 23 күн мурун
Shout out 2 warframe for thinking arkwing wasn't bad enough and that it would b alot better if u moved slower with less control and HAD TO FUCKING NAVIGATE A MAZE OF TINY HALLWAYS WITH JETS OF WATER PLACED RANDOMLY AROUND 2 RUIN UR DAY!
D4 F1SHEH 23 күн мурун
The funny thing is that he could have just said "water levels" and given the same effect
GR02 24 күн мурун
All of them.
huh 25 күн мурун
i feel the pain and frustation of the water levels just by watching the gameplay on the screen
Jeremy Benedict's Canned Beans
Jeremy Benedict's Canned Beans 25 күн мурун
Labyrinth Zone
Nickmations 25 күн мурун
The only good water levels in my opinion where the one in the Mega Man series. There the only thing that changes is your jump height.
The Grieving Pumpkin
The Grieving Pumpkin 28 күн мурун
The earthworm Jim water level gave me a taste of hell
Owen Morrison
Owen Morrison 29 күн мурун
The fucking stress of the water level music in sonic is incredible
pizza place
pizza place Ай мурун
Shovel Knight has one of the best water stages in any platformer
That one quiet kid
That one quiet kid Ай мурун
6:15 what is the name of that game?
El Taco
El Taco Ай мурун
Uncharted 4: A thief's end
PJ Schnapp
PJ Schnapp Ай мурун
skate 4 water level?
soul psycho
soul psycho Ай мурун
Mgs2 water segment wasn’t hard for me even with the two o2 bar I had to deal with
Darth Toast
Darth Toast Ай мурун
Subnautica would like to know you're location.
grifwastaeken Ай мурун
im getting major Peguinz0 vibes
Remisan Ай мурун
Not enough people played sonic 2, purple water is the most stressful thing I've faced as a child
MsUsagi513 Ай мурун
1:25 How? How did you know to trigger my childhood PSD?
juliawasthere Ай мурун
no, nintendo didn’t learn their lesson with zelda... have you SEEN wind waker???
CreativeOrange Ай мурун
I fear people who play subnautica for fun
SKooT Ай мурун
When I heard water levels I instantly had flashbacks to Zelda's water temples. The wounds are still fresh.
Lol25 Plays
Lol25 Plays Ай мурун
You make fun of KH2’s water level, but I hated KH1’s water level more
Ethan Collins
Ethan Collins Ай мурун
i appreciate that this mans is the first americane to pronounce the french "oi" correctly like ever
tomas tain
tomas tain Ай мурун
5:55 isn’t that subnautica?
M'Lady Sadie
M'Lady Sadie Ай мурун
Wet Dry World gives me depression along with everyone else who has ever touched Mario 64
Nic De Houwer
Nic De Houwer Ай мурун
by this time he went full Steve Brule
Henry the Anglerfish
Henry the Anglerfish Ай мурун
There’s only 2 games that have water levels that I like: Mario Odyssey and Shovel Knight. While swimming sucks in Mario, the game designers knew that and give you the Cheep Cheep capture to make up for that and it makes the levels a LOT more manageable. Shovel Knight’s water level is amazing. You move slower, but it’s not an agonizing kind of slow. It’s challenging, but not to the Kaizo point. (Unlike that stupid airship level) the mechanics are all interesting and cool, and the mini boss is one of my buddies
Ashden124 Ай мурун
This channel is apart of the golden side of KGglobal
e6ky Ай мурун
sea of thieves: im a joke to you?
Alex 1
Alex 1 Ай мурун
This video should just be a compilation of all water levels
deadSkrilla s•k•r•i•t••
deadSkrilla s•k•r•i•t•• Ай мурун
I'm glad ya didn't mention the half life water parts...that murkey water paired with the giant fish...whew that's heavy
vizthex Ай мурун
just pull a Subnautica and make everything underwater. problem solved!
Jake W
Jake W Ай мурун
Purple sonic water and underwater tomb raider just gave me flashbacks of vietnam
T. Hamm
T. Hamm Ай мурун
The water level in Sekiro was my favorite. Just gotta make ur character swim fast as fuk
Burner Account
Burner Account Ай мурун
That sonic music really did make you feel like you were about to die
Vishnu Theetharappan
Vishnu Theetharappan Ай мурун
Laughs in red dead redemption
Reaganation Ай мурун
Assassin's Creed 4 and Origins has good water levels in my opinion
Not Matt
Not Matt 2 ай мурун
Is it just me who's actually alright with the Mario 64 water levels
Hunter Fett
Hunter Fett 2 ай мурун
All water levels are awful all bad none of them are good
Stone Carrier
Stone Carrier 2 ай мурун
Trash Taste sent me here, I enjoyed it
Pj Johnson
Pj Johnson 2 ай мурун
Where u at
Caleb Mroz
Caleb Mroz 2 ай мурун
I’ve played most of these levels and just watching the gameplay of struggling and bumbling around gave me extreme anxiety and discomfort
Jonathan Steele
Jonathan Steele 2 ай мурун
the toaster/bathtub joke made me laugh harder than I think I've ever laughed at any KGglobal video in my life. Brilliant.
zero plus
zero plus 2 ай мурун
your video reminded me of ekko the dolphin defender of the future. so, there's the WHOLE game of continuous stress in 3d space. crooked control, always not enough air, underwater enclosed spaces, a lot of dangerous things everywhere, frightening level design(it is very beautiful, but the flooded buildings and the fact that the architecture is still similar to the earth-scares to the point of horror.) the story itself, too, is creepy. but the music, graphics and design are gorgeous) I love this game) Thank you for your hard work, cool video)
Yash Bansod
Yash Bansod 2 ай мурун
I will say one word. ABZÛ edit: I take the word back, snakeboy229 said it himself.. cheers
SwagMonke 2 ай мурун
Don't think we should tell him abt subnautica...
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 2 ай мурун
That sonic heart attack music brings back unpleasant memories
Tony Sofia
Tony Sofia 2 ай мурун
Commenting to appease the algorithm
GingerdreadCookie 2 ай мурун
Sora as a comedian 2:52
Samuel Mukiri
Samuel Mukiri 2 ай мурун
What's the deal with Darkness........ Audience: dying with laughter
AlexTube 3 ай мурун
Did you Know In Super Mario Galaxy (ever OG or 2) has an Actually Fun water level? They, Nintendo, did the absolute Unthinkable stuff So technically, only the good ones, like Mario 64, Sunshine And Galaxy 1 & 2 have cool stuff But don't even get me started in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric! It kills you instantly. No....
Coppery Foxx
Coppery Foxx 3 ай мурун
Re-Re-watching Jakey’s videos because they’re like a warm hug.
dinah w
dinah w 3 ай мурун
swimming in the dwarven ruins of skyrim literally made me have to pause, get up, leave, come back after a few hours and then restart a save point from before i entered the stupid goddamn quest. fuck that shit. unneccesary, thank you.
claimingagate 3 ай мурун
good music though
Bruh 3 ай мурун
i wish i drowned faster to end my water-logged suffering faster
Me AlsoMe
Me AlsoMe 3 ай мурун
I hear crashed space ship from metroid prime music
Lee Everett
Lee Everett 3 ай мурун
The two worst water levels in gaming: Atlantica from Kingdom Hearts 1 and using the robot suit from Jak 2. FUCK those levels every time.
ETibbs11 3 ай мурун
Dire Dire Docks is bae. Water levels are not.
Eugene Wicked
Eugene Wicked 3 ай мурун
Dino Crisis 2 water level traumatized my childhood
bowza's big beans
bowza's big beans 3 ай мурун
Dire, Dire Docks > Bob-Omb Battlefield?🤔🤔🤔🤔
Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega 3 ай мурун
What song starts at 6:06 ?
finkle Mctavish
finkle Mctavish 3 ай мурун
How about swamp area for fromsoft games
Jamandabop 3 ай мурун
It's funny, because I'm one of the few people who thinks Super Mario Odyssey is one of the weaker 3D Mario games, but I'd also say it does have the best water physics of any game I've played.
Purple Fondue
Purple Fondue 3 ай мурун
My great uncle had the og nintendo and we played super mario 3 all the time. He had these chairs that he took out of an old van (so old the seatbelts were lap belts) and every time we got to a water level we would make the joke to buckle up and then buckle the lap belts XD.
Common Sense
Common Sense 3 ай мурун
Original Mario water levels are fine but Sonic's is scary
engineer gaming
engineer gaming 3 ай мурун
actually subnautica solves 2 problems with survival games by being 1 person and a "water level" The 1 person helps the movimentation feeling good and the water solves weird floor bs that every fucking survival games has
Egg.saw_exe 3 ай мурун
The only good game with nothing but water levels is bioshock
Booty Bruiser
Booty Bruiser 3 ай мурун
when he brought up sonic 2 I had chest pains for days
Everything YouTube
Everything YouTube 3 ай мурун
There can be good water levels * Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2*
Jesper 3 ай мурун
i just want to say that i love you and i want to marry your spirit animal is 18,October ok with you in EU?
TheMediaMcGuffon 3 ай мурун
sonic 2 heart me
Noah Miller
Noah Miller 3 ай мурун
As much as people seem to shit on Spyro A Hero's Tail, they got the water movements down really well. Only problem i found was the stupid flying levels with Sgt. Byrd that never gave you enough time
aptspire 3 ай мурун
Banjo-Tooie, Majora's Mask, Mario Odyssee: Just become the water thing, stupid!
Lucas Figueiredo Apra
Lucas Figueiredo Apra 3 ай мурун
Crash bandicoot had one good water level
Trystaticus 3 ай мурун
"Moving really slow is also just never fun." Spoken like a man who's never used spider sense to slo-mo-beat-ass in Spider-Man 2 for PS2
Kalvalla 4 ай мурун
Lets praise Red Dead Redemption 1 for not even letting you go in water
smeel pee baldi nose fat
smeel pee baldi nose fat 4 ай мурун
Make a video about great games that aren't fun
jchifos 4 ай мурун
Zelda water level was the best it was a treat
Goose Game
Goose Game 4 ай мурун
Best water level is in Mario galaxy 2
6hwotchii 4 ай мурун
Big pile Of trash
Big pile Of trash 4 ай мурун
6:53 as I’m watching with his 1.54 M subs
Demetrius Kafkoulas
Demetrius Kafkoulas 4 ай мурун
Thumbnail: Shows Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1. Video: Only talks about a water section in Sonic 2 that takes less than 20 seconds to get through.
Chris D
Chris D 4 ай мурун
I’m glad there was never a water level in number munchers?
Ethan Lewis
Ethan Lewis 4 ай мурун
Just wait until this guy hears about Subnautica
Lucas M.
Lucas M. 4 ай мурун
@Ethan Lewis he says fast so it would be possible for someone to missed tho
Ethan Lewis
Ethan Lewis 4 ай мурун
@Lucas M. thank you for pointing out the joke
Lucas M.
Lucas M. 4 ай мурун
6:28 ?
A Goose Youtuber
A Goose Youtuber 4 ай мурун
no wonder everyone in Rapture went insane, the whole city is a fuckin water level
Jack Doe
Jack Doe 4 ай мурун
I dare you to play that water section on European Extreme in MGS2
Jackson McKeen
Jackson McKeen 4 ай мурун
mario water levels (at least the for the first game) arent bad and mgs2 was short
aed13of14 4 ай мурун
I recall the days of water combat in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Can't imagine why they would never go back to that in the series.
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