Dark Souls Saved Me

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just a lil belated something for 200K. love y'all. I recommend playing a video game while you listen to this.

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xpirate16 14 саат мурун
Dark Souls inspired me so much that I got a Darksign tattoo. It serves as a reminder that, despite knowing that one day I will inevitably go hollow, as long as I persevere over my failures I will make it through whatever challenges may come. (Luckily I get to keep my experience and level up though :D)
Joe Joe binks
Joe Joe binks 22 саат мурун
Praise the sun
Wajabicoliptos 2 күн мурун
I have the exactly same bed sheet, that makes me so happy for some reason.
The Kadju
The Kadju 2 күн мурун
same with resident evil for me.
Theo Jay
Theo Jay 2 күн мурун
I agree. Once you play Dark Souls, all other games suck.
Theo Jay
Theo Jay 2 күн мурун
Dark Souls really is kino. Try, try, try again! Failure is temporary, success is forever.
Mick Dundee
Mick Dundee 4 күн мурун
"why is there a 40 by your bed" "god works in mysterious ways" amen brother
raij1n 4 күн мурун
Last seen 8 months ago...
Dagger Dax
Dagger Dax 4 күн мурун
Got platinum trophies for bloodborne, ds 1, 2 & 3, sekiro and demon's souls for ps5. Yes I'm proud of myself, thats why im bragging humbly🤣🤣🤣
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 5 күн мурун
When you beat dark souls 3, you have to activate the shrine to confirm that you wanna finish and start a new game+. I think I was brought to tears before being able to choose "yes" because I realized that my journey had ended and there was probably never going to be another like it. That was my first dark souls experience and now I'm playing through the first one!
Mr Rixel
Mr Rixel 5 күн мурун
I had the same issues and then I played dark souls 1 in November and then I have changed a lot and still enjoying souls series.
chance 7 күн мурун
thank you jakey
Gaven LeCompte
Gaven LeCompte 8 күн мурун
I also want every game to be dark souls
Zach Pritchard
Zach Pritchard 8 күн мурун
Feel like I am going through this exact experience right now. Thank you for the vid Jakey Paul
lainlegend 10 күн мурун
Goodbye then. Be safe friend. Don't you dare go Hollow!
Filip laskovski
Filip laskovski 12 күн мурун
I feel the same way I thought I was the only one who experienced this with the souls games It’s like adrenaline junkies, the adrenaline that’s pumping as you fight the boss and the dopamine rush you get once u finally beat him/her it’s truly amazing how this game impacts ones life
Sksjsjshahaah Fkshahahaha
Sksjsjshahaah Fkshahahaha 13 күн мурун
This video feels like my brain is talking to me. It’s scary how much this relates to me
Sir Olaughalot
Sir Olaughalot 15 күн мурун
Gaming saved me as well
Nick Ryan
Nick Ryan 17 күн мурун
I had a similar experience with Final Fantasy IX when I was in 9th gradw
Archie Everett
Archie Everett 18 күн мурун
Smart Andy Dwyer
Clint Karklus
Clint Karklus 18 күн мурун
After I first played Dark Souls, there was a solid 3+ years where 80% of all of my gaming was playing/replaying Souls games.
Infectious Life
Infectious Life 18 күн мурун
pov: your his spouse
CGN Fake
CGN Fake 18 күн мурун
I never ever considered suicide, but I had the thought lingering in my head ever since etika died. I became a completely different person since then. that was the first time I ever dealt with serious depression. I managed to supress all of this by the time I reached 11th grade. I met this really nice girl in my science class and we would talk with eachother all the time. I gave her my number and we would text all day. (no not me spamming her to get a 1 word response, I mean dead ass, thoughtful questions the both of us were saying to eachother) then I would sit with her at lunch just me and her. I decided, fuck it, why not, let me ask her out on a date. I got completely rejected and just damn. it sucked. I would say im kinda fully recovered from that, but there was a period of time, like 4 to 5 weeks where I was completely absent. I dont even remember anything from that whole time period, all I remember is every time I saw her, I felt PHYSICAL pain in my heart. my face would practically beg me to make a frown. Good thing we were wearing masks in school. there would be times when I would go home, and just destroy myself mentally. I would continously insult myself, I would get to the verge of tears, and then go to sleep, listening to sad music every day. and this part is going to sound really dumb. But during early december, I found this weird little game called friday night funkin. It was the first thing to bring me joy since that girl. I would play it every day, before the game exploded and had kids ruin the fanbase AHMMM UNDERTALE COUGH... I would only play pico because god damn seeing that man again for the first time in a decade was a falcon punch of nostalgia to the gut. Like man, thats my man pico, gangster as fuck, just like i remembered him. Then I started to play the rest of the game, and holy shit I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much, and still enjoy the fuck out of it frequently. I got full combo on most of the songs in the game, and holy shit it was so really satisfying. I always thought of the concept of a game "saving someone" as really weird, until it happened to me. Thank you friday night funkin, for being the best god damned newgrounds game ever made.
Ben Frawley
Ben Frawley 19 күн мурун
I started the series after this video and I’ve fallen in love. Thanks for this jakey
mike mackey
mike mackey 19 күн мурун
Dude great video. I can relate completely. The sense of accomplishment you get from souls is something special.
CHANDL3R 19 күн мурун
this made me cry big, felt this way about bloodborne, gonna try souls now
Charmicarmi Cat
Charmicarmi Cat 20 күн мурун
I thought I was the only one...
dersh dersh
dersh dersh 21 күн мурун
Fell asleep to this
tendercrispbacon 22 күн мурун
2019 was a bad year for me. Monster Hunter World saved me the same way.
Jordan Cheek
Jordan Cheek 23 күн мурун
Ya know, people might not agree, but this is how Death Stranding made me feel.
psycho42069 24 күн мурун
You found your sun! If only we all could be so grossly incandescent!
Smokeeey 25 күн мурун
I sometimes return to this video, good stuff
Victor Morgan
Victor Morgan 25 күн мурун
"Thank you, Dark Souls" Was that a VideoGameDunkey reference at the end?
sk1n 25 күн мурун
Queerrilla 26 күн мурун
This video resonates a lot with me. Were we all depressed at the end of the 2010s? Was our generation so fucked up OR dark souls involuntarily taught us a healthy coping mechanism? I dont know but this is a very common sentiment i see many people expressing towards DS
Richard Royce
Richard Royce 27 күн мурун
Danilo Dark
Danilo Dark 28 күн мурун
Man... this video... Thank you bro!
Mine! Ай мурун
... ... thank you dark souls.
Ellis Sparks
Ellis Sparks Ай мурун
So similar to my own experience, jakeys an honest man, that's why we love him
The DolphinBro
The DolphinBro Ай мурун
We all carry this ... Dark Soul of man with us... A dark soul that will try everything to turn us into hollows. But no matter how much it tries, we will rise up and live again. Rekindle that flame, and don't you dare go hollow, my friend.
Mr. FORGET Ай мурун
That's a title I can highly agree on
Donal Sam
Donal Sam Ай мурун
Wait are all darksouls players depressed
OnFullBlast Ай мурун
Why is this the most inspirational video on KGglobal....bc it is!! This shit made me wanna get out of the slump I've been in. I'm working in an Italian restaurant that I started at 6 years ago as a way to make a few extra bucks before my daughter was born and here I am over half a decade later still in the same place. After watching this video tho it made me start taking small steps to be able to do something different. I Started making videos for KGglobal and even tho they get less then 100 views at times it helps alot to sit down and make the videos it's a good escape. nakeyjakey never stop being a Hot Boy please!
Ogrodniczek Ай мурун
Thank you dark souls.
sharare arbabi
sharare arbabi Ай мурун
you : dark souls saved me ... me : dark soul showed me the "you died" way too many times
chaquel mix
chaquel mix Ай мурун
I know what you mean “WORK, EAT, & SLEEP” [with few friends and VGs as an outline] Days Gone was the game “I wanted to get back to” I know it’s not perfect but I just got the ps5 and I was an Xbox fan since for ever. So when I started playing on M’fG I fell in love lol xD than went to the internet to find the love but found out it was basically a fallout *post FONV* game. haha but still I had a motorcycle myself and always thought that it’d be more versatile in an apocalyptic scenario. And the sorry and ps5 rendering was beautiful haha I was stunned 😳 seeing simple twigs or blades of patches of grass have shadows.
chaquel mix
chaquel mix Ай мурун
This is great content haha I watched a lot of reactions on dark souls but this is one of the top 2 for real
Namix Ай мурун
The first Dark Souls game i played was DS3 on launch, i was 3 months in to a breakup from a 10 year relationship.....bro i feel you, Dark souls took over my life, but in a healing way...
6400loser Ай мурун
This was Jakey's equivalent of the Mario 64 dunkey saga
That's Jonah
That's Jonah Ай мурун
Jakey, I don't know how to say this but like I'm in the same exact place you were at and I picked up Dark Souls on a whim and it's crazy how much I'm relating to this video right now.
Craig Boone
Craig Boone Ай мурун
When u was 7 or around 8 I tried playing dark souls the demo or something on Xbox 360 and that game almost made me have my first breakdown but DID make me break my first controller
Cole Ай мурун
Dark souls got me through depression and I swear on my sl600 character I'm not lying. Before I got dark souls I didn't really have anything to do besides play with sticks but when I went to one of buddy's houses he showed me what he got for his birthday an Xbox 360 with halo 3 he invited me too a sleep over which is teen speak for we're gonna down a couple cans of monster get snacks and pop and stay up all night and my god it was magical we played through on heroic like we did with halo 2 and CE before, we then went through again on legendary to get all the skulls after that night I begged my mom to get me an Xbox 360 and halo 3 she of course wasn't fully listening after all she never really cared when she was drunk but low and behold I got and Xbox 360 and a copy of...dark souls considering my mom never really got anything ever I was still happy I got an Xbox and game I set it up in my room and popped the disc in and was confused nothing made sense armor weighed me down, I was limited by stamina, I wasn't an unstoppable badass, and I died over 30 times to the asylum demon I just called the game bullshit and never touched in again cut to me in the middle of highschool (gr10-gr11) and I was depressed Iwas constantly beat by my drunken mom while dad was over seas working I was also awkward had anxiety low self esteem had a small group of friends and was as frail as ds3 dragon form, I constantly skipped class staying home in my bed refusing to wake up and even when I was at school I ran on auto pilot 90% of the time and didn't care becausetoo me the only I to look forward too was playing my Xbox with a now larger library including skate 3 cod MW1 2 and 3 halo reach and dark souls but that day was different I just wasn't enjoying my games anymore sure when I was in an Xbox party with my buddies I would laugh but it was forced because I was worried if I appeared sad someone would ask what's wrong and I didn't want burden people with my problems or that's how I viewed it but there was one game left to play and that was dark souls you see even tho I sucked I had nothing else to do and so I played dark souls even when I yelled bullshit when I died I had nothing else to do and so kept playing and Idk but the struggle anger and frustration I felt was insurmountable bosses killing me over and over and over like Clockwork was infuriating but when I came back calmer and clear minded I often beat them first try in this state and slowly because I was clear minded I learned how the mechanics worked I met all these sttange characters and was dare I say having a good time I played and I played and I played and I loved it but something odd I did and I'm not sure if it was a coping mechanism but I viewed the enemies being physical manifestation of my problems the hollows being what I become when I go into auto pilot and let depression eat away at me a mindless shell of its former self, the bugs in blight town being the tiny little problems my anxiety wouldn't let me ignore and also exaggerated into gigantic problems that I couldn't let go of or else I'd be screwed over even more when in reality these problems were irrelevant I interpreted every enemy as a physical problem in my life and with each boss I cut down it felt like I had improved my life like I had one less major problem and that's because it did, it didn't just feel like it, it was real because I viewed each boss as one of my problems whether it be mental or physical and beating a boss was like me beating one of these problems it was therapeutic and essentially put my demons to rest I felt more at peace with myself and I left with a valuable lesson perseverance was key you will make mistakes you will fail but so long as you can push through it you can accomplish anything push through the Dark-[depression, anxiety, self hatred, rage, the times I contemplated suicides, the attempted suicides] you will find sunlight-[confidence bravery no anxiety genuine smiles all the good times with the homies] or at least that's what I interpreted it as but this is it the reason I'm still here is dark souls quite literally a game saved my life and I couldn't be more thankful my drunken mother made a slip up and got the wrong game now I'm doing much better I'm as I said I'm more at peace with myself I'm doing much better now I beat my depression no longer have anxiety and am no longer as frail as theds3 dragon form. thank you for reading if you did and goodnight
Unknown 2234
Unknown 2234 Ай мурун
I’ve played Dark Souls multiple times that I’ve made so many Characters in the double digits. (Counting all the whole soul series) The whole series is literally the best series ever.
The Martyred
The Martyred Ай мурун
I was tired after work and looking for something to listen to idly, so I got in bed, opened KGglobal on my phone... and found this weirdly perfect
Ted A
Ted A Ай мурун
I am living almost the exact same situation right now
alice stewert
alice stewert Ай мурун
Everything he said here is how I felt about Witcher 3 ❤️ Witcher 3 got me through really bad depression and at a time that I wanted to hurt myself bad, it gave me a world to look forward to. It’s amazing how games can literally save people 😁
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Ай мурун
I watched my dad play demon souls when I was little. When he went through Dark Souls 1 I helped him through the level (through no merit of my own, I just read out the wiki which miffed him). I tried 2 on my own when I was in middle school, but it was way to hard for me. My dad doesn’t play anymore. Work and domestic matters occupy his time. He bought Dark Souls 3, played it twice, and never touched it again. 2 weeks ago I downloaded 3 on my computer and got a controller. I’ve always had a bad habit of giving up. I play video games 75% through and never touch them again. In real life it’s even worse. I once began a tabletop system with so much potential, but I lost the momentum, and it sits in its drive folder unedited. I know 3 isn’t the hardest, but I’m a casual, and I struggled to even get to vordt. I was tempted to give up, but I couldn’t. I felt like I had to do it, like fulfilling the promise of an ancestor, just way less anticlimactic and far more lame. My dad couldn’t do this, but maybe I could. So I died, cried (a lot more than I’d like to admit), and slowly progressed through the game. And then something started to happen... I got gud. I began to effectively time my rolls and make use of my weapon arts. I felt a surge of pride when I defeated my first invader (of which I had a fear of since I learnt you could invade people). I managed to make my way through the game and finally, after everything, I killed the Soul of Cinder, and walked over to the Flame. After everything, I finally got to save the world! I beat the game! I then linked the fire. I expected a brilliant explosion of fire like the first game, or at least the sun creating the horizon. What I got was a pitiful trickle of flame up my character, who just sat down and accepted it. Nothing seemed to change. Then, boom, Epilogue started playing. A cocktail of emotions surged through me. I beat the game, and felt proud that I conquered an elusive childhood in the form of this franchise. I was outraged that after all I went through, the fire hardly sputtered higher. I was also really, really fucking sad. And yet I’m satisfied. I did it boys, I got gud. After all this time I finally did It. Now I feel a bit more confident in myself. I take more risks because now I know that failure isn’t the end. I genuinely think this weird fantasy game changed my life for the better. Sorry for the rant, probably sound like a jerkoff, thanks for this great video.
Star Platinum
Star Platinum Ай мурун
I love dark souls
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson Ай мурун
I always looked back on the games I played as a kid like majoras mask and pokemon and remember how sucked into the game I was and prayed for an experience that could capture that childlike wonder and immersion, I got super close with breath of the wild but when I played bloodborne and persevered for the brutal first couple hours as a noob I was completely hooked, I fucking adore the souls series now, I’d call myself a souls fanatic. It’s such a shame so many people are put off by the learning curve as a new player, in all honesty the hardest hours of a souls game are the first you ever play
Tobias Behnke
Tobias Behnke Ай мурун
Yeah, I still remember dying twice in the tutorial area in DS2 by failing a jump and not knowing how to find or pull the two enter the Forest and Heides Tower. The Pursuer was way too hard for me, then i went to the Lost Bastille and repetitively died to the Ruin Sentinels. The true difficulty of Souls Games is figuring where to go, and where to go first. The first playthrough will almost always be a involuntary challenge run because you dont know your options.
King Croc
King Croc Ай мурун
is this dude sleeping in a tshirt
King Croc
King Croc Ай мурун
lmfao finally found a youtuber with the name jake like me hehe
Praise be to Vaatividya
kleftis Ай мурун
i just picked up the game about a week ago and it’s been completely consuming. totally understand this. thanks jakey
Exhorter Ай мурун
Black Souls is better.
René Garcia
René Garcia Ай мурун
Rewatching through my own shitty times rn. Just got into Dark Souls 3, my first Souls game. Stop speaking words in my head
pcman87654 Ай мурун
Miss you jakey hope you doing good bro I just started playing ds3 last week and love it, it's weird I've seen all your videos like 10 times over and now this one hits a bit better G
Outlet _
Outlet _ Ай мурун
Guggimon Ай мурун
come back to us my boy
Cotten Eye Joe
Cotten Eye Joe Ай мурун
“Sir this is a Wendy’s”
Adithyadev Mattada
Adithyadev Mattada Ай мурун
Hey look it's 2 in the morning and I'm totally not crying over a guy talking about video games
Sameer Chandio
Sameer Chandio Ай мурун
and some say that games make you violent
chlorinekid Ай мурун
Two games that touched me just like how Dark Souls touched Nakey are Disco Elysium and Silent Hill 2. Two beautiful games which is ironic since both of them are deppresing and theoretically, playing those games while being deppressed should've made it worse yet they somehow "calmed" me down.
James Shaver
James Shaver Ай мурун
Same with Bloodborne!!!
Old Oak
Old Oak Ай мурун
I feel you so much. Sees Dark souls can cure depression pretty good :) great video!
S T O N E Z Ай мурун
thank you.
Isaac Thrower
Isaac Thrower Ай мурун
Still my favorite game(s) it teaches lessons that you can’t always understand in the real world... those damn dogs though...
Rhett Duncan
Rhett Duncan Ай мурун
Yo this guy really just lay down in his bed and start talking. I dig it
catch me flatlining
catch me flatlining Ай мурун
Even whilst the souls series is dark and depressing, thinking about the ds2 scholar of the first sin ending, while wearing the faraam set always fills me with hope.
travis treadway
travis treadway Ай мурун
747 people died on the first boss on dark souls 1, weak
Jose Noria
Jose Noria Ай мурун
3 years later as of this comment and people can still relate.
Kirby is done with your bs
Kirby is done with your bs Ай мурун
Same for me but it was bloodborne
LeTrashé Ай мурун
Wait until he beat sekiro :,)
da baby
da baby Ай мурун
didnt dunkey call u a clone
Epstein's Pilot
Epstein's Pilot Ай мурун
Anybody else lay in bed like jakey when watching this
Video Kunima
Video Kunima Ай мурун
The half life series had this effect on me
Gmod2012lo1 Ай мурун
After beating ds1 for the first time in sweat and blood, playing ds2 felt so easy that you had a god complex.. you can still die but it was for your mistakes mostly for trying to rush.. ds2 was like lifting 100kg on a bench for the first time..
Maalik who laughs
Maalik who laughs Ай мурун
All hunters of the dream, hats off!
JokerOnline Ай мурун
Dark souls really is something special and we don’t deserve something so great
Zach No
Zach No Ай мурун
I had played dark souls 3 but never beat it. I came back after a a year later and went through a bad break up at pretty much the same time. I now have beat all 3 dark souls with little to no guides. Dark souls give you what all other games don’t have anymore. A challenge. That’s what lifts you up when you finally win.
Wolf Ай мурун
I Am beating dark Souls 3 whit all the DLC and I going through depression because I Don't Know Where ir what to do in life, well I Am waiting to September to find a Job and playing Ds3 again, I need that dopamine shoot and sometimes like in the Game you have to wait until you feel in it
Lord O Linguine
Lord O Linguine Ай мурун
Living in Denver is the immediate root of all problems
Tempideus Ай мурун
Suicide is a more common thought that comes to my mind then I think it does, the only thing keeping me going is my curiosity of what will happen in the future, even if I have to suffer through it. Also Dark Souls and Bloodborne in a nutshell.
Mark Pfeffer
Mark Pfeffer Ай мурун
It's not unhealthy to think about death constructively! No biggie dude. Read up on buddhism and fundamental dissatisfaction. Life is suffering. But the remedy to that is relieving others suffering. Try to love everyone. See what happens
Bug Catcher Gabe
Bug Catcher Gabe Ай мурун
I dont think I've ever found a video I've related to more, this brought out some nostalgia tears
Eternally Nas
Eternally Nas Ай мурун
I’d like to go hollow right now, my data just got corrupted and this is my first play through, and I just got done with abyss watchers, and grinded for 100K souls and that’s all gone now.
Rufus Trepp
Rufus Trepp Ай мурун
The suffering of mental and physical illness is unfair. The suffering of dark souls, however, is fair. Perhaps we who take solace in it, do so because it acts as a placeholder for struggle and reward that feels relatable. No heroic deeds, just doing our best to go on and not go hollow. Until we can do the same in real life.
Window Soup
Window Soup Ай мурун
Ironically, Dark Souls has stopped you from becoming hollow.
GUGU 2 ай мурун
From Software 🙏
Luke Fredericks
Luke Fredericks 2 ай мурун
"Why is there a 40 by your bed? Well... God works in mysterious ways" 😂😂😂
It's ASlothButLikeBig
It's ASlothButLikeBig 2 ай мурун
Dark Souls and Bloodborne are the games I go back to whenever depression rears its ugly head. Going through the reminder that just because I fail, doesnt mean I'm a failure helps part the clouds and helps me find hope again. As cringey as that is to say.
Hummeldon 2 ай мурун
I think it's probably been a couple years since I've seen this video and it popped up in my recommended. I'm not sure how to accurately describe the feeling it gave rewatching it but it's almost like seeing an old friend. Hope you are doing well, Jakey.
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