The Rise & Fall of Dance Dance Revolution

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I couldn't make this shit up even if I wanted to

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PSX Longplay [002] PaRappa the Rapper

Beatmania Kouryaku Point

beatmania (Arcade / 1997) - Gameplay

Beatmania IIDX V by lisu

Guitar Freaks Arcade Gameplay (MAME, Guitar Hero Controller

ZDTV GameSpot TV - GuitarFreaks

Osaka, Japan - Dance Dance Revolution DDR Show

DDR 1st mix (ver. 1.0) をプレイしにダイエー泉大津店に行ってきた。

Magical Date / Magical Date - dokidoki kokuhaku daisakusen (Taito 1996) Attract Mode


[추억의 게임] Dance Dance Revolution 1st MIX

Spank 'Em aka Boonga Boonga Video game Part 2

DDR Korean Girls Dancing

Fat Guy Gets Perfect DDR Score

DDR Butterfly

Fat Kid DDR

Candy [Double Heavy - No Bar] AA (DDR Extreme)

Dance Dance Revolution Konamix (PlayStation) Can't Stop Falling in Love

DDR Retro Gameplay (3)

Dancing Stage featuring TRUE KISS DESTINATION Song List(1/2) SP MANIAC

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (Full Gameplay)

Dance Dance Revolution Konamix Gameplay 1/2

Run Playstation Imports Games

DDRMAX2 Demo Disc Gameplay - Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix [PS2]

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Intro + Gameplay 1

DDR supernova arcade

SingStar ABBA PlayStation 2 Gameplay - Dancing Queen

Let's Play Donkey Konga! Episode 1 - Alright (SuperGrass)

Nintendo GameCube MC Groovz Dance Craze (USA)

Guitar Hero (PS2 Gameplay)

Rock Band 2 PlayStation 3 Gameplay - E3 2008: Livewire Demo

Just Dance 3 Wii Gameplay - The Girly Team: Baby one more Time

Hella good By No Doubt Dance Central 100% Hard Routine

Thumper Gameplay Level 1

Goth Underpass Rave

PS1 Dance Dance Revolution USA Mix Gameplay HD

Dance Dance Revolution (PS1) Gameplay

Dance dance revolution insanity

DDR Arcade - Exotic Ethnic - Heavy

DDR Chick at AMC

Steel 11 саат мурун
TheUrbanJedi 19 саат мурун
I'm so glad that DDR is continuing to this day, I just wish the new music was better. It all sounds very samey.
Is It Worth It?
Is It Worth It? 6 күн мурун
And in the UK is only euromix and that it is.
Nikai Noblesse
Nikai Noblesse 9 күн мурун
Everything in this video fits perfectly. Until FNF came in.
Nerd Tuga
Nerd Tuga 10 күн мурун
Friday night funkin is bringing rhytim games back
Delight 13 күн мурун
There werent any arcades in my country so I played guitar hero instead just to play a rhythm game hahah
Shellie T. Boss
Shellie T. Boss 14 күн мурун
I still buy this game. Always have, always will.
Charmicarmi Cat
Charmicarmi Cat 15 күн мурун
That trailer park boys reference made my day
Malik T Fortune
Malik T Fortune 16 күн мурун
The new rhythm game craze has passed down the torch to Friday night funkin
Malik T Fortune
Malik T Fortune 16 күн мурун
Me and my siblings used to play DDR to death my sister used to own the dance mat as well as three games from the series my favorite one was DDR max 2
Cesar Leal
Cesar Leal 16 күн мурун
Love that J-roc refference
relentlesschaos95 16 күн мурун
I was just watching best of J roc and now this 0:57 so I think I’m in a simulation
Arthur Swanson
Arthur Swanson 17 күн мурун
You forgot the best one. Star wars Kinect.... I have nothing to say. Thank you
Some Dude
Some Dude 18 күн мурун
Step mania
CallmehCat 18 күн мурун
Paper dog With frog beanie
Ethan Hennebery
Ethan Hennebery 22 күн мурун
What about beat saber
Emmanuel Sami
Emmanuel Sami 23 күн мурун
Imagine making a video on rhythm games and forgetting Beat Saber exists and probably is what destroyed Just Dance
The Grieving Pumpkin
The Grieving Pumpkin 23 күн мурун
Friday night funkin moment
The Legend 27
The Legend 27 25 күн мурун
hey bud, friday night funkin here
Adam Scheu
Adam Scheu 25 күн мурун
I’d say beatsaber is the current rhythm game peak
KOMO 26 күн мурун
I bet beatmania was nujabes's favorite arcade game back then
PSI_Max 26 күн мурун
I think it’s time for this video to get an up date
Soleanna 27 күн мурун
this is one of the patreon shoutout credits that i refuse to ever skip because watching him stomp around like a goober never gets old
Wolfgang M
Wolfgang M 27 күн мурун
Getting this recommended in May of 2021
Sarah C
Sarah C Ай мурун
I remember the at-home DDR mat would slide across the room as you played on it. I lost so much weight playing this and Dance Central. God I miss Dance Central. I was in such good shape playing that and then uh... well... many years later and I’m a fat, pregnant hog lmao!
Chaostrottel_HD Auf DuTube
Chaostrottel_HD Auf DuTube Ай мурун
DDR is the german name for the gdr
Sablebus Ай мурун
3 years later: f n f
BadWallaby Ай мурун
Now play Sound Voltex and thank me later :)
Le Bro
Le Bro Ай мурун
But controller expensive
ryo *
ryo * Ай мурун
my personal favorite is Hatsune Miku future tone
Koteshima :
Koteshima : Ай мурун
Good old DDR, introduced me to the fun world of rhythm games
Phat Zoarb
Phat Zoarb Ай мурун
Another reason it was probably illegal to import was due to distribution rights in regards to the licensed music.
jonathan plooij
jonathan plooij Ай мурун
i remember these games on ps2
D MAS Ай мурун
i cringed when you stepped on the same arrow with the other foot in the outro but i still gave a like for it
John WiiU
John WiiU Ай мурун
anytime ppl talk about DDR I have to think of east germany
Izlude Tingel
Izlude Tingel Ай мурун
i never got tired of DDR, they just disappeared and i was a pissed off young adult... i'm actually gonna go as far as to buy a cabinet for my garage now.
And know is Friday night funking
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox Ай мурун
Rafael Ай мурун
I remember, back in the day, training a song over and over again at home until the soles of my feet literally fell off...
I post Epic memes
I post Epic memes Ай мурун
I iwn ddr mario mix and the entire thing is just a meme
Theme Park Crazy
Theme Park Crazy Ай мурун
I love how this video popped into my recommended the moment before I was about to work out on my DDR pad downstairs. Great historical perspective and presentation! I think its cool losing weight in a nostalgic way. If you can get yourself a PS2, I highly recommend picking up some DDR games and a good quality pad.
RadDreams Review
RadDreams Review Ай мурун
Also, any Stepmania fans!?
RadDreams Review
RadDreams Review Ай мурун
I actually had no idea that Dance Dance Revolution extreme was never officially released in the United States. That one was my jam! I went to three or four different arcades that had the machine.
Hubert Hoffler
Hubert Hoffler Ай мурун
the original friday night funkin
Dopamiin3 Ай мурун
The stupid fnf fans are coming here oh no
frameXDツ 29 күн мурун
Rubber gamer
Rubber gamer Ай мурун
How do the patreon shoutouts lyrics match so good with the song
Rubber gamer
Rubber gamer Ай мурун
Now we have Friday Night Funkin
frameXDツ 29 күн мурун
@Rubber gamer it’s not lmaoo
Rubber gamer
Rubber gamer Ай мурун
@WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox what it's a good game.
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox Ай мурун
Can u shut up about that
Spencer Jessee
Spencer Jessee Ай мурун
That patreon reading was awesome lol
שקד Ай мурун
6:00 Fnf: are you sure about that
not lilpcupp
not lilpcupp Ай мурун
Beat saber is modern day rhythm giant
Cobalt Ай мурун
I, um, really hate to say this, but Friday Night Funkin may actually be the resurgence of rhythm games in the West. For now, at least, it feels like the new Guitar Hero. I hope it brings new people to the genre! I think rhythm games are always enjoyable, so I'm not worried about the actual genre dying out just yet - we just have years of mainstream interest, then we go back to being a little more underground for a bit. edit: also uhm ackchually that would be Stepmania 3.95 at 6:45
WK shadowo
WK shadowo Ай мурун
6:00 Friday night funkin devs:and i took that personally
zOOpygOOpert Ай мурун
Beep boop
Tiny Chungo
Tiny Chungo Ай мурун
Watching this after Friday Night Funkin’ comes out is gonna be a trip
Cavey Möth
Cavey Möth Ай мурун
Jeez, awesome documentary. It looks scary dancing on a soft pad like that, though. Please don't get hurt!
ViraRiva Ай мурун
ddr is my fav i still play the games on my ps2 and whenever i go to an arcade
frameXDツ Ай мурун
heck yeah
L U K E F I L M S Ай мурун
Gonna leave out my boy beat saber
FileNotFound Ай мурун
Question is: did he ever buy the ddr cabinet
Livo otherworld
Livo otherworld Ай мурун
Friday night funking is the next DDR.
Camygael 25 күн мурун
@Xepher you can probably modify the pad to work with the PC as the arrow keys to play FNF with a DDR Pad
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox Ай мурун
Oh god no
Livo otherworld
Livo otherworld Ай мурун
@Xepher someone has probably figured out how to use one.
Xepher Ай мурун
yeah I agree but it kinda sucks that you can't use your body if you don't have a dancing mat at home, I guess using fingers is fine too but ddr is still better in my opinion
Livo otherworld
Livo otherworld Ай мурун
@frameXDツ what's the problem with that?
STEVIE 619 SD Ай мурун
Pft im a true 90’s baby DDR never fell I legit jus got 3 AA’s in a row 10 minutes ago oh and I’m single ladies 😎
mystical sounds
mystical sounds Ай мурун
Is there any other person that hated this game?
frameXDツ 29 күн мурун
@mystical sounds oh
mystical sounds
mystical sounds Ай мурун
@Xepher it is easy to blame myself and hate myself but is easier to hate something else 😁
Xepher Ай мурун
yeah that's just you
mystical sounds
mystical sounds Ай мурун
@frameXDツ 🤣
mystical sounds
mystical sounds Ай мурун
@frameXDツ I sucked
Stephen S
Stephen S Ай мурун
I remember my brother and I grew up as the fat kids but my sophomore year of high school we started heavily playing DDR. I lost something like 80lbs and went from the shy, timid guy to the nerdy hottie. That's all changed now but I really loved playing that game, my brother and I bonded over it.
VoyageOne1 Ай мурун
What killed DDR was Konami's short-sighted greediness
Camygael 25 күн мурун
Instead of keeping kojima Let's make Japanese gambling
denNES danMAKU
denNES danMAKU 2 ай мурун
Beatmania DDR Guitar Hero Sing Star Taiko no Tatsujin Donkey Konga Para Para Osu Tatake Ouendan Just Dance All of them are great rythm games but the best right now is... BEAT SABER
denNES danMAKU
denNES danMAKU Ай мурун
@frameXDツ You wish it was. Still alive and swinging
frameXDツ Ай мурун
beat saber is dead buddy
Sydosys 2 ай мурун
well i guess we know what it is now
WilliaMusic Chorski
WilliaMusic Chorski 2 ай мурун
they are still releasing Just Dance games for the Wii
CommWarrior 2 ай мурун
Where are pump it up?
frameXDツ Ай мурун
i guess he doesn’t know what pump it up is
CasioMaker 2 ай мурун
TBH, the fall of DDR is a combination of both Konami as a company not caring too much about their IP's (besides PES, the mobile gaming area and their casino/pachislot division), new releases focusing too much on "technical" players while leaving casual dancers behind and the failure to establish a competent distribution and operations chain outside Japan and the US
Kallen Urfi
Kallen Urfi 2 ай мурун
The amount of time I wasted playing DDR hottest party on my wii back in the day is disgusting
M 2 ай мурун
If I had to choose a DDR equivalent for this days, I'd choose Friday Night Funkin'. I love that game so much.
frameXDツ 29 күн мурун
@WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox yes
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox Ай мурун
I choose Stepmania. fuck FNF
Chatter_ Bones
Chatter_ Bones Ай мурун
frameXDツ 2 ай мурун
LazOps 2 ай мурун
drumrocka 2 ай мурун
We had beatmania in New Zealand!
P0ke Pengin
P0ke Pengin 2 ай мурун
What's the song at the end?
NS Sickboy
NS Sickboy 2 ай мурун
My school had a ps2 with ddr mats in it's rec room, rainy lunchtimes were the best.
Kyle Kubis
Kyle Kubis 2 ай мурун
Joseph Gomez
Joseph Gomez 3 ай мурун
hell yah broski! ddr is still going but now on stepmania if you wanna get back in on it! check out l-tek pads if you wanna join in on the fun!
Hudson Labold
Hudson Labold 3 ай мурун
We made the wiener controller 😂😂😂
Heartburn Studios
Heartburn Studios 3 ай мурун
Now we've got Beat Saber and Friday Night Funkin'
Heartburn Studios
Heartburn Studios Ай мурун
@WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox 100 percent agree
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox
WaterStarColour / Saadiq The Nine-Tailed Winged Fox Ай мурун
Beat Saber is good and Friday night funkin is terrible
[Klaxcore Nightcore]
[Klaxcore Nightcore] 3 ай мурун
You mean, you use your feet?, that's like a baby's toy!
Not Matt
Not Matt 3 ай мурун
Ninja Ninja Revolution
lilmurf000 3 ай мурун
It really is ridiculous that people still ridicule people for liking to play ddr.
ElementJonny 3 ай мурун
Dead people Voted somehow
Dead people Voted somehow 3 ай мурун
1:00 jrock baby
Benmxd 3 ай мурун
Please talk about osu.
AllSeeingPie 3 ай мурун
Geometry dash still going strong
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 3 ай мурун
I think beat saber is destroying these, don't see anyone playing the entirety of Shrek on an old 2000s just dance machine
ImOnPLVTO 3 ай мурун
I had DDR Max 2 on the ps2 and I can't get those songs out of my head to this day
alex 3 ай мурун
Remember that culture eats strategy for lunch. Konami simply was not willing to alter their bad business practices DESPITE droves of mail indicating to them a HUGE market for their games. These aren't exactly brain surgery to program. Their excuses about royalties are crap as most of their songs are in-circle musicians. Konami started failing as a company after Metal Gear Solid 2 hit peak sales, due to wholesale lack of any culture within the company. Beatmania and spinoffs were now completely in the hands of retailers unwilling to take free advice from fans, and unwilling to spend on improving their business culture, and instead continued with strategies. Culture is the backbone of any business, and its the way businesses treat their creatives as well as employees to create a kind, creative environment that has its own culture, which we all saw fade around the mid-2000s. By metal gear solid 3, and no Beatmania or music games really making a splash, Konami was devoid of any culture, and we know that they sold their culture to gambling. It's shameful how mismanaged and out of touch they were. Konami's sins are never increasing spending on their business culture and ignoring fan mail. Remember that culture eats strategy for lunch.
themuffinlad 3 ай мурун
5:05 yo are we gonna talk about how Devin was over here playing ddr barefoot like a savage
Mukul Se
Mukul Se 3 ай мурун
I had a heart attack for a moment. I thought the wires on your pads were cracks on my screen.
İlker Gülal
İlker Gülal 3 ай мурун
The fucking Trailer Park Boys reference got me
lovelyplanet 4 ай мурун
Gregory Pluschnik
Gregory Pluschnik 4 ай мурун
Beat saber
Rivermender 4 ай мурун
osu... just look up osu you will thank me later
mara huatta
mara huatta 4 ай мурун
I come back to this video once every couple a months for the Patreon shoutout, specifically, because it's my favourite. Of every Patreon shoutout from literally anyone ever.
omnitrix1992 4 ай мурун
Cool song at the end there
Sanic 5515
Sanic 5515 4 ай мурун
I remember back in 2015 I was fascinated by how despite being so old DDR was such a fucking banger to play even after so long and it really just made me grow a really deep appreciation for the series, even to this day as I emulate 3rd and 5th mix on my Chromebook.
AquilaFasciata 4 ай мурун
We not gonna mention Beat Saber?
Crossbow55 4 ай мурун
Wagnarok 4 ай мурун
DDR: Mario Mix is my favourite game of all time and I used to play it daily for a while.
Isidore Aerys
Isidore Aerys 4 ай мурун
WOW never seen DDR acknowledged in a gaming KGglobal video! It really was revolutionary. On a scale that I think only Pokémon Go can compare. And the replacement guitar hero was such a downgrade. Now everyone’s just sitting motionless clicking that abomination of a controller. N what sucked the most was guitar hero’s sloppy notation, compared to DDR’s note theme where the appearance of each step denotes its rhythm like musical notation.
Two-Bit Mathews
Two-Bit Mathews 4 ай мурун
For me it was the J-roc reference
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